Mi artistic vision finds an tireless source in Nature, specially in trees. They represent life for me.

Nature speaks to me of strength and beauty, of transformation, joy and mystery. Through my art I hope to convey my capacity for wonderment with the world and communicate with the universal languages of colors, emotion and energy. I hope others see, like me, that we live in a beautiful planet, full of possibilities and where magic is always possible if we dare to look beyond.

Lechini is a artist, best known for her impressionistic landscapes. Her subject matter includes women,forests, roads within them, flowers, and musical instruments. Her distinctive style is characterized by vivid colors that emit energy in all her artwork.

Argentine by birth, Griselda Lechini has made the United States her home since 2000.
Following a successful modeling and television career, she has breathed and lived painting as a career since 2008.
Her art works are held in private collections in Florida, Washington DC, Louisiana, New York Argentina and Uruguay and in Galleries in Miami. and “Dacia” Gallery in New York.

"From my childhood I have always known I would become an artist. The mountains of Argentina revealed to me power; ancient mystery and a permanence that has followed me through the years. The trees in my hometown and my father’s farm always talked to me about their strength and beauty. 

My travels took me around the world, and in each country I have done my best to take in the culture and the rhythm of the people. I pour what I have absorbed into my work.
My fascination with nature has taken me to remote locations in search of myself and the answers to questions we all ask ourselves: who I am I and what am I hear on earth to do?

I create art because it allows me to express my feelings of joy and wonder at the universe.
My purpose is to paint; to create and to share my love of the brush and creativity with the world. To communicate with people through colors and emotions.

And I truly believe my art impacts us in a positive and hopeful way.
Where there is always something beautiful around the corner or behind a tree, even, hidden in the bright colors.
Where magic is always possible."

Griselda Lechini.

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